Vintage Diamond Rings

Antique Diamond Rings

The vintage style of engagement rings and wedding rings has never truly gone out of fashion.  However, more recently the classically antique look has certainly increased in popularity.  While Cluster and Halo Diamond Engagement Rings are typically categorised as having a vintage influence, others opt for something that has an Art Deco or Edwardian feel to it.   Again, the choice of metal can be seen to achieve the look of being antique if you prefer a subtle appearance rather than a specific style.  Traditionally, Yellow Gold has been typically used to create ring bands while Rose Gold is another material that can be considered, due to its specific hue and tone. There are plenty of custom ring designs to choose from such as the Edwardian and Art Deco as well as as Yellow Diamond Antique Engagement rings.  The clear diamond is the typical choice for centre stones however the yellow diamond is wonderful option in terms of adding an injection of colour to an engagement ring.  Natural yyellow diamonds are found in many different hues and depth, providing you with lots of choices depending on whether you want something that is especially bright or 

Vintage Edwardian Style Rings

Historically, Edwardian style Engagement and Diamond Rings were worn by the aristocracy and have a regal air about them.  While an original Edwardian Ring is generally beyond the typical realms of possibility for most of us, it is more than possible to replicate this period style.   

The Edwardian time refers to the reign of King Edward VII of England (1901-1910), whose mother was Queen Victoria.  This was a time of extravagance, affluence and indulgence.  Diamonds and Pearls were predominantly used and Platinum was the metal that was normally favoured.  Gemstones were also included as embellishments, displaying luxury and majesty.  The overall look is generally intended to be delicate and sophisticated yet strong.

Art Deco Vintage Style Rings

Art Deco inspired Diamond and Engagement Rings follow fashion during the period of 1915-1935.  This sparked a new era when wealth and opulence was accessible to everyone.  Art Deco Rings embody the sentiments of this time with bold, exciting geometric designs as well as bright gemstones and intricate detailing.  It is for these reasons, that Art Deco tends to be the preferred choice for couples who want an Engagement Ring that encapsulates the vintage feel.

The design is distinctive and very often, although not exclusively, there can be a large centre Diamond.  Furthermore, it is likely to have less metal as well as unusual shapes of Diamond and very flamboyant with vibrant stones such as Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds.