custom ring design


Custom Ring Design Service

At Michael K Diamonds, we can help you to customize any ring of your choice. Whether you're getting engaged, married, celebrating an anniversary or marking a significant event such as the arrival of a new baby with our beautiful range of family birthstones, we specialize in offering you a truly custom and memorable experience. We can breathe new life into and re-energise existing rings and jewelry by using those diamonds and gemstones for a more contemporary look, vintage style or simply revamp a ring setting. The entire custom design process is very exciting, you are involved every step of the way from the very beginning to the final shiny, custom finished ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet. It is a unique opportunity to see how your ideas evolve from the original concept to creation.

Ring and Jewellery Design Consultation

We understand that it's important to have all of the details right when it comes to a bespoke ring or custom made piece of jewellery. Therefore, when you get in touch with Michael K Diamonds we think it's really important to spend some time discussing what exactly your vision is. We arrange for you to have your own personal consultation where you can view and sample our extensive collection. We also talk through your ideas to understand very clearly what you would like to see incorporated into your custom ring design. There is an opportunity to try on lots of different styles to determine what you love, which shape suits your finger and of course how best it should reflect all of the individual characteristics that will make this personal to you. If you are happy for us to explore some options, we get in touch with our contacts to source the best quality that we can find, always being mindful of your ideal spend. Once we have sourced the stones, you get a sneak preview of the carat weight and specifications. We prepare a draft design brief that clarifies all of the important features and, at this stage, we liaise with our highly skilled Design Team.

CAD Drawings for Ring Design

We realise that it is difficult to visualise how your custom ring will look when it is finished so this is where our experienced and highly skilled creative team can really help. They receive the brief and work their magic to produce drawings that show the ring design in 3D format so that you can get a better picture from all perspectives. It is worth noting that the drawings aren't an exact replica of the finished customzed piece but help to bridge the gap between concept and creation. This is a very fine art that involves using the exact measurements and unique dimensions of the centre stone or stones and integrating this in a complimentary way into the overall appearance. We believe in delivering the delicate balance of exact proportions, finesse and aesthetics. Once the drawings have been agreed and the final ring design brief is approved, it's time to get the creative spark going. The first in this process is the ring casting.

Ring Casting

Using the details that are in the 3D CAD drawings and affirmed in the design brief, we are now ready to prepare a special mould that is custom made to replicate the unique features and dimensions of your ring or one-of-a-kind jewelry. This can be done either as a hand-pulled wire or more often as a ring casting. We allow some time for this set and it is also carefully checked to ensure that it passes our exact in-house quality standards.

Diamond and Stone Setting

All of our bespoke jewellery is completely handmade and each stone and/or diamond is set individually by our expert jewelers. We also select each stone meticulously so each one has exactly the same quality and specifications thus matching perfectly.


Once the ring or custom jewellery piece has been polished, checked to meet our high standards and through the last stage of the design process, we send it off to the Assay Office. This is where it is stamped with a hallmark that demonstrates authenticity and assurance. It is now ready for you to collect!

The entire customized ring and jewellery design process normally takes around 4-6 weeks to complete. The exact timescales will largely depend on whether there are any changes to the CAD drawings that are customized down to the finest of details during the initial phase. We believe in taking our time to make sure that everything is just right and we are also careful to check each stage as we go along. If you are thinking of having a ring designed why not contact us or make an inquiry. We organise personal consultations so that you have plenty of time to browse and view our portfolio. Book your appointment today and you too can see what possibilities there are for you to also enjoy a very unique and custom made ring.